We provide floor scrubber and scrubber-sweeper rentals ranging from small battery powered walk behinds to large propane powered rider machines. Whether you are looking to rent a scrubber for a day or a year, we have got you covered.
If you need help deciding on which rental machine is best for your particular project do not hesitate to contact us. With over 15 years of experience, our team will be able to match you up with the perfect floor scrubber for your application.


Rebuilt Floor Scrubbers & Sweepers
We have a large inventory of used floor scrubbers for sale. Floor Scrubbers use water to scrub away grease and grime from your floors. As much as everyone would like a new machine, it is not always feasible and not all used scrubbers are created equal. A reconditioned scrubber can do so much for cleaning your facility.
Our factory-trained technician carefully inspects every machine we sell. All rebuilt units are in good working order and can clean your facility while being cost-effective. Please contact us to see what we have available. We also used sweepers.

New Floor Scrubbers & Sweepers
We carry the top floor cleaning equipment made in America including Tennant. Discover and choose from the industrial floor cleaning machines we have to offer!

Just as important as selecting the right equipment you use to manufacture or service your customers, we take great pride in helping you identify and purchase the right floor cleaning machine for your needs. Is your facility 5,000 square feet or 500,000: What type of business are you in? Manufacturing, food processing, automotive service, grocery store, distributor: Do you need to pick up dust or scrub away fluid drips? Midwest Commercial Scrubber and Sweeper’s experts will help you identify the right floor scrubber or floor sweeper to get the job done.


We don’t just sell floor scrubbers and sweepers, we really know cleaning equipment. While most companies contract out their service and parts, our service team is trained to repair all makes and models of floor cleaning machines. Our service team will have the parts needed when they arrive at your facility. Save thousands of dollars in repairs by keeping your floor cleaning machine properly maintained.

We are more than happy to perform a full machine inspection per your request. During this inspection we check things such as your brushes and squeegees to make sure they are calibrated properly. If either of them needs to be flipped we will flip them for you. We will check your vacuum system to make sure your machine has maximum suction. Batteries will be inspected and tested to make sure that they are being properly maintained in order to get maximum life out of them. The list goes on.

The idea behind setting up a maintenance plan for your machine is to catch major problems before they occur. By spending a little you can SAVE ALOT! If you truly want to protect your investment on your scrubber or sweeper, please contact us, we are more than happy to help.